Explore Evolution The Arguments for and Against Neo-Darwinism

Response to the National Center for Science Education’s Review of Explore Evolution

In 2007, Hill House Publishers (Melbourne and London) published the first edition of Explore Evolution: The Arguments for and Against Neo-Darwinism. Designed as a supplementary text for High School AP Biology courses and freshman college biology courses, Explore Evolution was co-authored by two state university biologists, two philosophers of science, and a science/technical writer. Prior to publication, the book was peer-reviewed by a number of scientists and educators in various fields, and the book is currently used in a number of secondary schools and colleges. Praising Explore Evolution as “surprisingly rich for so concise a treatment,” the reviewer for Kirkus Discoveries lauded the book for covering “an impressive amount of terrain… in a colorful and lively fashion” and for providing Read More ›

Response to Brian Metscher’s Book Review in Evolution & Development

The Darwinists clearly are not happy about the supplemental textbook Explore Evolution (EE), and given their showing thus far, they’re getting increasingly desperate to find ways to attack it. The latest review attacking EE was published in the journal Evolution and Development by Brian Metscher, a biologist in Austria. Employing what ID historian and rhetorician Thomas Woodward calls the “sledgehammer” approach, Metscher makes the grand sweeping conclusion that “[e]very talking point in the book has been dealt with already.” Metscher doesn’t specify precisely what those “talking points” are, but if EE is so wrong, surely Metscher can give us a scholarly refutation of the book. Instead Metscher cites to TalkOrigins and an internet Darwinist named Lenny Flank, who offers some Read More ›

The Catechism Versus the Data: A Reply to John Timmer’s Review of Explore Evolution

The following articles respond to a review of Explore Evolution by biologist and science writer John Timmer at arstechnica.com. Introduction: The Catechism Versus the Data The “Fact” of Evolution When Did “Neo-Darwinism” Become a Dirty Word? A Mis-Aimed Critique of Inquiry-Based Education Double-Standards on Textbook Treatments of Evolution Macolm Gordon and the Origin of Tetrapods Monophyly vs. Polyphyly and Christian Schwabe Reference Cited Timmer, John. “A biologist reviews an evolution textbook from the ID camp.” September 24, 2008. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2008/09/discovery-textbook-review/.

The Arguments for and Against Neo-Darwinism