Explore Evolution The Arguments for and Against Neo-Darwinism

Who Is This For?

Who Is This For?

This textbook is ideal for:

  • AP Biology teachers who need a stimulating capstone unit for the last 5-6 weeks of their AP course after their students have taken the AP biology test. Explore Evolution touches on each of sub-disciplines of biology and enables students to explore in depth one of the great synthetic theories of biology, enriching their understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.
  • High School General Biology teachers who wish to deepen their own understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of modern evolutionary theory and who want to incorporate inquiry-based learning into their teaching of evolution. Explore Evolution and its accompanying lesson plans and curricular materials can help all teachers enrich their coverage of evolution and develop the critical-thinking skills of their students.
  • Biology teachers in states that have required or encouraged teachers (1) to help students “to critically analyze” key aspects of evolutionary theory or (2) to teach both “strengths and weaknesses” of scientific theories such as neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory.
  • College-level biology instructors who teach freshman or honors General Biology courses or stand-alone courses on evolution. Explore Evolution is an excellent college-level supplementary textbook providing much more information about the evidence for and against contemporary Darwin’s theory than standard textbooks are able to offer.
  • College biology professors teaching dedicated 2 or 3 credit courses on evolutionary theory.
  • Home school teachers who want to provide their students with a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum in the life sciences that stresses critical thinking skills and content-rich learning about modern biology.
  • Parents who desire to supplement and enrich their children’s school instruction in biological evolution in preparation for college.
  • Interested adults who wish to inform themselves about the scientific debates over key aspects of modern evolutionary theory.

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The Arguments for and Against Neo-Darwinism